Benefits of Couples Counseling

Daniella is trained in The Gottman Method of counseling, which is an evidence-based treatment that is specific for couples. Developed by leading relationship researchers, Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman, this method of therapy is highly structured and different from any other couples therapy you may have attempted already. Therapy sessions will be focused on:

  • Rebuilding Friendship & Affection
  • Regulating Conflict
  • Repairing Hurt
  • Moving Together into the Future

Each component is essential for the functioning of a healthy, loving relationship. During treatment Daniella goes over each of these components and has interventions that are geared specifically towards each to help the couple insure that they are getting what they need to grow. The Gottman Method has a thorough assessment process which will allow Daniella to identify and work on pain points in the relationship; this allows Daniella to identify the strengths of the relationship as well! Homework exercises are often given to strengthen the relationship. And as treatment comes to a close, we create a careful relapse prevention plan to bring lasting change.

Often times, even the healthiest of relationships sometimes need a little bit of outside assistance to navigate through tough conversations. The Gottman Method is designed for a collaborative relationship where we work on conflict or challenges and work to gain insight into our relationship so that we may feel a deeper sense of closeness to our partner.

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