Marriage Counseling

Relationship struggles are common, and not something that one should be ashamed of. You have committed your life to your partner, but sometimes in our relationship we may be feeling sad, angry, maybe even lonely! Marriages take a lot of work; couples therapy is the most effective and efficient way to restore and rejuvenate a relationship. According to Dr. John Gottman’s research, the average couple waits 6 years before entering counseling! Often times this means that the relationship has been operating under a lot of stress, so it can take some time to work through and get back to the relationship that we desire. Taking the first step indicates that there is hope and that things can be turned around for you and your spouse.

We all come from different backgrounds and stories that were modeled for us in our family of origin, and sometimes our spouse has a hard time understanding where we come from. The goal of marriage counseling is to help you and your spouse understand the patterns that impacting your relationship, improve communication and problem-solving skills, and to deepen the emotional strength of your relationship. We will work on developing strategies for protecting and enhancing the long-term health and happiness of the relationship.

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